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Ryobi presses for sale

2006 Ryobi 756P+CX, 23.5" x 29" 6-Color "XL" Format

66MM impressions
Perfecting 2/4, Inline Chambered Anilox Cylinder Tower Coater, 66mm Impressions, PCS-G Printing Control System Console, Presets, PDS-E Scanning Densitometer, Ink Volume Setter CIP4, Semi-Automatic Plate Changers, Automatic Ink Roller and Blanket Cylinder Washers, Tresu Ink Temperature Control and Refrigeration, Non-Stop Feeder and Delivery, IR Dryer with Hot Knives, Electrostatic Powder System, Rated 15000 SPH, In Production 

Ref# 6248

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