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Press Add-Ons and Components
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Fountain Solution recirculation systems


2002 Sanden Sheeter 27" Wide
Variable Size, Stacker


Martin Splicer 50” X 21” Wide

Ref: Martin5020

Sanden Inserts

Sanden Offset Print Inserts 
Mid 90's Sanden 1200 21" Wide Inserts
Inserts will need to be reconditioned.
(6) 22", (2) each 17" & 28"
Ref: 137012669

Turret Rewinds

WTI 50" x 38.5" Wide Turret Rewind

Model NSR 50/38.5/1800EC


This WTI Rewind is a Continuous, Dual Axis, Speed Regulated with Dancer Trim Controlled rewind system with the following features:


Allen Bradley HMI

Allen Bradley PLC

AC Vector Drives

Adjustable Tension Control (0.5 – 2.5 PLI)

Taper Tension Control

Selective winding, Print in or Print out.

Splice Control (Manual, Diameter, Length or Coordinated)

Integrated Slitter

Press interface options (Run, Stop, Jog/Inch, Estop, Fault)


This item is still serviced and supported.
Ref: 1354420242

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