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Plant Liquidation - everything must go


Miller TP36 S 4 Color Perfecting
Spray Drying Power – Miller Matic Dampening


Muller Martini Saddle Binder
6 Pocket  (no cover feeder)
3 Head Stitcher
3 Knife Trimmer


Wohlenberg 45” Programmable Cutter
(air table not working)


MBO Continuous Folder 26”x 50”
8 Page Angle with EZ Knife for the 16 Page

Stahl Continuous Feed Folder 26”x 40”
8 Page Right Angle
16 Page Right Angle
Gate Fold Plate


Fuji Javelin Luxel T-900 CTP E  -  8 Page CTP
Transport to a Kodak Processor
Single plate casset needs new switch (hand feed)
(no plate stacker)

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